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MAN Events


Annually Manhood Achievemnt Network & Its Leading Ladies host events that grows into more opportunities through the various partnerships that develops with organizations of simular focus.  

The Fatherhood Campout


The Fatherhood Campout provides a great environment for dads to spend uninterrupted time with their children. It’s no secret: the influence a father has is directly related to the quality of time they spend with their kids. We not only create space for that to happen, we purposefully surround each dad with other men to help them develop a God-centered influence in the lives of their kids.

The MAN Hike


The MAN Hike happens throughout the year and has become a time to unplug, get away, and connect with God. Even if you have never hiked or camped before we invite all to attend. Regular training meetings and opportunities to learn about the outdoors will help prepare you to hit the trail ready for adventure.

Youth 1st Campout


MAN provides campouts throughout the year for young campers with little to no experience camping. Our educational excursions provides opportunities for participants to learn natural and cultural history. Youth will also safely experience the great outdoors and participate in high and low adventure opportunities that  foster stewardship for our national and state parks.  

Trail Life USA Troop 116 

Trail Life USA Troop TX116 meets 7 PM on Mondays at Founders

Baptist Church in Spring, TX. Our objectives are simple: teach valued skills, build confidence, develop strong moral character, and have

tons-of-fun within an outdoor adventure program while maintaining a Christian world-view. Contact us for more information.

American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls Troop TX0116 meets 7 PM on Mondays at Founders Baptist Church in Spring, TX. The program emphases of AHG are life skills enhancement, girl leadership, teamwork, confidence, character, socal and spiritual development. Contact us for more information. 

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