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About MAN & its Leading Ladies


The Manhood Achievement Network & Its Leading Ladies (MAN) is a progressive 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, which supports today's youth and tomorrow’s future  in developing integrity, accountability, and faith. 


MAN's Vision is to assist Leaders, Citizens, Spouses, Parents, and Elders in discovering, developing, and offering their God given gifts in service to the world through Christ.


Our Mission is simply to define and encompass the true meaning of being a Man/Leading Lady by guiding each youth toward his/her own life's mission. 



MAN Board of Directors


Katora Scott: Parent & Board Chair

Phillip Givens: Owner - Superior Water Management & Givens Unlimited

Dr. Tamera Lewis: Licensed Professional Counselor & Motivational Speaker

Ruby Glass: Parent

Pretta VanDible Stallworth: Business Consultant

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