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Sponsoring Adventure Opportunities

for Resilient Youth

About Kamron's Climb

Kamron Anthony White has been a member of Manhood Achievement Network since he was 5 years old. He loved camping, rock climbing, rappelling, cooking on the camp fire, and everything that pertains to the outdoors. 

Kamron's Climb is a fundraiser and event to sponsor a 7 day 6 night camping trip for resilient youth. On June 19, 2021 at the very tender age of 16 years old, Kamron was a victim of senseless gun violence that took his life and deprived his family and the world of the greatness that was in him to give. 

Manhood Achievement Network seeks to honor Kamon's memory by offering a low to no cost adventure opportunity to resilient youth to do what Kamron really loved to do and that was challenge himself by climbing. 

This year, June 4-10, 2023, Manhood Achievement Network is sponsoring a week of outdoor adventures in the beautiful Sangre De Christo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. This adventure opportunity is in partnership with Ascend Outdoor Adventures and the Austin Chinese-American Network.  Attendees will be able to rock climb, rappel, hike, whitewater paddling, and connect with nature as well as partner with other youth from diverse backgrounds.


How You Can Help

In order to offer this opportunity at low to no cost for the families of the resilient youth, we need your financial help. The budget for this trip is $14,000.00. Please consider donating a generous tax deductible financial gift that will be directly invested into the lives of each youth that attends. 

Please note that all staff that works with Manhood Achievement Network are volunteers and your monetary donation will be used to support the various costs of this adventure.  

For Cash App Donations Use $MANLL

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